Backward Countries Another

Backward Countries Another

Backward Countries, another name for poor or under-developed countries. It is a less neutral term than 'under-developed'. 'Back-wariness' implies immaturity which is politically unacceptable to under-developed countries. The search for euphemisms to describe these countries illustrates the emotive quality of words and the political dynamite which these economic problems represent. More recently the word 'developing' is being preferred to' under-developed'.

In some s 'backward countries' is used to describe countries with economically backward populations, that is, where the quality of the labour force is relatively low, as shown in unwillingness to move between jobs or regions, in subsistence rather than specialized production, in ignorance of economic possibilities, and in lack of enterprise. The level of labour productivity is low, so that five or even ten workers are required to produce the same output as a worker in the same occupation in an advanced country. The causes are generally low standards of health, malnutrition, illiteracy, disinclination to sustained work, shortage of capital, and lack of the entrepreneurial capacity and readiness to run risks. Economic discussion of the needs of under-developed countries has moved in emphasis from capital investment to training and education and most recently to the institutions a monetary and banking system, laws of property, contract and business organization and conduct required to nurture the entrepreneurial qualities of initiative, enterprise and risk-taking that underlie economic advance in the western countries.

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