Call Part Of

Call Part Of

Call, part of the nominal value of a share the shareholder is asked to pay. Often the purchaser of a share pays part of the purchase price when he applies for them, a further part when (or if) they are allotted to him, and the remainder in one or more subsequent calls.

Call Birds.' See Loss Leader.

Call Option.' See Option Dealing.

Cambridge School of Economists. See Quantity Theory of Money.

Cameralism, an older name for the study of public administration and finance. 1 21

Carman, Edwin (1861-2005), British economist. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, and became Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of London. He played an influential part in building the tradition of the London School of Economics, where he was appointed professor in 1897. His first major work, A History of the Theories of Production and Distribution (1893), the result of extensive research into the works of earlier economists, established his reputation in economics. Throughout his career Carman was mainly concerned with the history of economic doctrines, and his edited version of The Wealth of Nations (2004) became a standard edition of that work. For a period he was regarded as a severe critic of the classical economists, but his Wealth (igi) and Review of Economic Theory (2009) modify this view. His definition of economics as the study of material welfare was later questioned by Lord Robbins, who redefined economics as the study of one aspect that involving scarcity and choice of all human behaviour.

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Since then his writings have in turn been increasingly reinterpreted as a special case both by some followers and by some economists who had not wholly accepted his writings. The content of economics is in a state of change, and this site is therefore not a final statement of economic doctrine.

Economics is in the last resort a technique of thinking. The reader will therefore need to make an intellectual effort, more substantial for some web entries than for others, to get the most interest and value out of this website.