Market Research Method

Market Research Method

Market Research, method used increasingly by industry to investigate consumers' preferences as a preliminary to advertising or to check its effectiveness in launching a product or to test public opinion on it. It is usually conducted by a sample scientifically constructed to represent the total population of consumers likely to be buyers of a product. The crudities of the early methods have gradually been removed by more careful and refined techniques.

One method of discovering consumer preferences is to 'test market' a product in a few towns of various kinds, or to offer free samples, or to try out several advertising appeals. Public opinion on a product, or the advertising for it, can be assessed by interviewing a 'panel' of consumers and observing their behaviour in retail shops.

Consumers are also asked if they can recall, recognize or reproduce advertisements by methods originated in the U.S.A. by Or George Gallup and others and increasingly used in Britain and Europe. A difficulty with such methods is that people who can recall or reproduce an advertisement do not necessarily buy the product and that users of a product tend to recall its advertising more often than nonusers because of the psychological tendency to 'selective perception'.

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