Dated Securities Those

Dated Securities Those

Dated Securities, those with a stated date (or range of dates) for the cash repayment (redemption) of the nominal or face value of the security.

Days of Grace, (a) the additional days allowed for paying a bill of exchange; in England three. The effect is of an interest-free loan; (b) the additional time allowed for paying an insurance premium, usually fourteen days.

Deadweight Debt. See Debt; National Debt.

Dealer, a trader who buys and sells goods, services or financial claims. One who operates in organized commodity or other exchanges. His description varies with the product: in commodities he is a 'merchant' or 'wholesaler'; in stocks and shares a 'stock-jobber' or 'jobber'; in bills of exchange the operator of a 'discount house'.

Debasement (of Coinage), depreciation or reduction in value of a standard coinage. The cause may be Government issue of coins below the prescribed weight (a practice common in medieval times), or interference after issue, e.g. 'clipping' (cutting away small por-tions), 'sweating' (by the use of chemicals) or abrasion (shaking coins together in a bag and removing small particles).

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