Deferred Rebate Another

Deferred Rebate Another

Deferred Rebate, another name for Aggregated Rebates.

Deferred Shares, usually issued as fully paid to founders or promoters of a company; they are few but they often have considerable voting power. Therefore distinct from ordinary shares. Deferred shareholders own the profits of a company after all prior charges, such as interest on bank advances, debentures and preference capital, have been met. On the liquidation of a company they are entitled to any residue after the claims of creditors have been paid. As companies can normally raise their prices when there is a rise in the general level, profits maintain their real value in the face of inflation and deferred shareholders with a residual claim on these profits have a hedge against inflation. But they face the risk that their company may earn no profits and indeed lose its capital so that they may end up owning nothing and losing their entire investment.

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